Essential Resources

ALOM strives to deliver essential resources to municipalities and the individual elected and employed leaders who represent them. Below is a list of essential resources provided by ALOM to its members, each designed to foster local government, advance intergovernmental cooperation and support all around good government.

Compensation & Benefits Survey and Report

Every year in May, ALOM distributes a Compensation & Benefits Survey to all of our members. The data is collected and then distributed in ALOM’s annual Compensation & Benefits Report every September. In addition to being a timely and critical personnel resource to compare salaries and benefits packages with other municipalities in Southwestern Pennsylvania, participation in the Compensation & Benefits survey is also a core competency for the ALOM Banner Community Program. Only those municipalities who complete the survey will receive the report.

Banner Community Program

The Banner Community Program recognizes municipalities that distinguish themselves as model communities through a commitment to effective, efficient and accountable government principles through implementation of recognized best practices in providing services to their constituents and their communities. The application for each subsequent year becomes available sometime in late summer and applications are due at the end of January every year. Banner Communities are invited to a complimentary recognition luncheon, and become eligible for scholarships to the Spring Educational Conference.

Notarial Services

As part of a sustained effort to provide core services and resources to member municipalities, the ALOM staff are available to perform professional notary work for municipal members at no cost.  On site services available to members include administering oaths of office, notarizing ordinances, resolutions or other official documents and facilitating title work for municipal vehicles and equipment.  Notary services are limited to official municipal business and are subject to staff availability.  For more information, contact the ALOM staff directly at 412-261-2521.

Member Marketplace

This web-based platform is intended for use by ALOM members in order to provide a hub of information for all municipal stakeholders to find valuable information such as job postings, bids/RFPs, meeting announcements, and vendor information.

Any member-in-good-standing of ALOM is eligible to use the Member Marketplace to place job postings, RFPs, bids, meeting announcements and events advertisements FREE of charge. Users are directed to create a username and password, and once log-in credentials are approved by ALOM staff, and users can begin posting information. This functionality is available to all municipalities, authorities and vendor companies who are members of the association.

Retirement Solutions

As one of our most essential resources to municipalities, ALOM acts as a plan sponsor for a host of retirement solutions, and all ALOM member municipalities can participate at no cost. These programs allow employees (and paid elected officials) to defer dollars into a retirement plan.

The 457 plan is a deferred compensation plan that allows employees to contribute their own monies pre-tax into a supplementary retirement plan. Recently a Roth option was added, allowing employees to contribute post-tax dollars as well.  In addition, ALOM also offers a 401(a) plan which allows both employee and employer to contribute.  Currently 30 municipalities including the City of Pittsburgh participate in the program.

Benefits Advisory Service

For municipalities with concerns about their public pension plans, the ALOM Government Benefits Advisory Service is available to you for any questions you may have. The most recent Government Benefits Advisory newsletter is available here for your review. Through a partnership with Rhoades Law, municipalities may – at no cost – speak with pension attorney Randy Rhoades with any questions about your pension plans.   Please contact Jason Davidek and mention the Benefits Advisory Service to learn more.