Health Care Solutions

It can be difficult to navigate the complex issue of health care and employee health benefits. This critical piece of municipal operations can have a significant impact on operating costs, employee recruitment and employee retention.

As a result of the need facing municipalities for assistance and guidance through the intricate area of health care and employee benefits, ALOM is pleased to announce a sustaining partnership which recognizes Municipal Benefits Services as the preferred provider for health care and other insurance benefits to local governments, authorities and similar organizations throughout Pennsylvania.

Municipal Benefits Services (MBS), formerly known as the Municipal Employers Insurance Trust was established in 1968 to provide comprehensive employee benefits programs and related administrative services to municipalities, authorities, and councils of government in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. MBS Logo

With a governing board of municipal managers with a deep knowledge of government and its specialized needs MBS’ mission is to provide valuable and cost-effective employee benefit programs and related services.

To learn more about ways that Municipal Benefits Services can provide solutions to help your community, please call 1-800-405-3620 or click here for more information.