Municipal Member FAQ

What’s the difference between ALOM and the Associations?

For all intents and purposes, they are one in the same. Membership in one begets membership in another, and the dues paid is split between ALOM and the affiliate association (based on municipal class). However, the affiliate associations do have their own boards of directors that make independent decisions about association business and financial matters. ALOM Staff serves in support roles to the associations, rather than leadership roles they take on for ALOM.

How does ALOM membership work?

ALOM Membership runs on a calendar year. We have nearly 130 municipal members, mostly in Allegheny County but also from surrounding counties such as Butler, Westmoreland and even Erie County. We welcome new members, and in recent years we have had many new authorities join as well.

For current members, ALOM sends yearly renewal information in the 4th quarter of the calendar year, to prepare for membership to renew January 1. New members must reach out to the ALOM office,  and one of our staff will be happy to answer any questions and facilitate your membership.

The cost of membership is based upon which classification of membership your organization or municipality would fall in. For specific questions on membership costs or benefits, please contact our office.

What is the benefit of ALOM membership?

ALOM offers many benefits to its members. ALOM works hard to ensure that municipalities find value in their membership, and we are here to serve you. If you have any additional questions about member benefits, or requests for service, please speak to us directly and let us know. Some of these are listed and categorized below:

Providing Essential Resources

  • Banner Community Program – this program has grown and expanded to include 76 communities; a free luncheon to Banner Communities is offered and all designees are qualified to receive scholarships to educational events.
  • Compensation & Benefits Report has been enhanced in an effort to be a better tool for our members and is available to those who participate in the yearly survey.
  • Notarial Services – ALOM staff members are Notaries, available to assist your municipality on-site at your facility with relevant municipal business.  These services are available to member municipalities at no cost.


Educating Local Elected and Appointed Officials

  • Spring Educational Conference – has grown approximately 30% in the last 4 years. Programming has been diversified and expanded. Pricing has been reduced for ALOM members and modified to offer different rate structures. 
  • Governmental Benefits Advisory Service – this initiative includes our Annual Benefits Seminar which is a free event for members, focusing on pension and health care issues facing municipalities.
  • Public Works Seminar – is another free event for members, focused on providing required education to Public Works Departments.

Comprehensive Retirement Solutions for Your Municipality

  • ALOM’s Retirement Solutions continue to provide municipalities with high quality retirement plan offerings while helping you control long-term legacy costs.  ALOM serves as a plan sponsor of both 401(a) defined contribution pension plan and a 457 deferred compensation plan that are offered to member municipalities at no cost.  Currently, over 30 of our member municipalities participate in these programs.
How do the ALOM retirement plans work?

ALOM serves as the plan sponsor for a 457 deferred compensation plan.   A 457 plan is an excellent vehicle for government employees to defer compensation into a qualified retirement account.   It is often used as a supplement to a defined benefit pension.   Both traditional and “roth” style options are available.


Additionally, ALOM offers a 401(a) plan.   This is similar to a 401(k) style plan commonly found in the private sector.   The 401(a) allows government employers to create a retirement schedule, often including matching contributions.    The 401(a) is an excellent tool for municipalities looking to control legacy costs while providing for a high quality retirement plan for employees.


Both options are administered through Prudential, and feature a wide variety of low-cost mutual funds, including user friendly target retirement date options. Member municipalities and authorities interested in participating in ALOM retirement solutions should contact for more information on how you can participate at no cost to your municipality. 

How can my municipality utilize ALOM Member Resources?

The benefits offered to municipal members are openly accessed at any time. Some benefits, such as the Banner Community Program and the Compensation & Benefits Report are cyclical throughout the year and are time-bound, but all members have the opportunity to participate within those time frames.


If you would like to access a specific member benefit, or have question about member benefits, please contact our office.