Service Provider FAQ

ALOM Membership runs on a calendar year. We have nearly 50 Municipal Service Provider Members (we call them Associate Members). We welcome new members, and in recent years we have had over a dozen new companies sign on.


For current members, ALOM sends yearly renewal information in the 4th quarter of the calendar year, to prepare for membership to renew January 1. New members must reach out to the ALOM office, and one of our staff will be happy to answer any questions and facilitate your membership.

For specific questions on membership costs or benefits, please contact our office.

Membership in ALOM allows municipal service providers to target their audience to local decision makers that can be segmented by municipal class or geographical region. ALOM uses our members as “first calls” when municipalities contact us for guidance or recommendations.

Members are listed on the ALOM website and in the bi-annual Directory of Municipal Service Providers, distributed to a list of approximately 2,000 stakeholders.  Discounted advertising and support rates are also offered to members, in addition to recognition as members during ALOM events.

ALOM maintains a database with a list of nearly 2,000 municipal contacts. While we DO NOT provide contact information of our members to service providers, we do offer options to advertise, exhibit, attend and support various events, publications and educational opportunities that can provide both face-time and advertising space to municipal service providers.

Throughout any given year, there are over 10 opportunities for a municipal service provider to advertise, exhibit, sponsor or attend various events of various sizes and scales. We encourage you to view our calendar of events and to contact us with any questions about specific opportunities.