Organizational History and Accomplishments

The Allegheny League of Municipalities is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization that emerged in the early 1960s as a result of the need to establish an entity to coordinate the needs of the area’s Local Elected Officials. In 1974 it was officially established as the Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM).

The mission of ALOM is to foster local government in Allegheny County and Southwestern Pennsylvania by educating elected officials, delivering essential resources and advocating for sound policy and legislation. ALOM is helping public servants make their communities better.

The marquee event of ALOM is the Annual Spring Educational Conference. This event serves as a learning and professional networking opportunity that has proven valuable and become a tradition among many Local Elected Officials. This event has grown over 30% in recent years, and in 2024 welcomed over 425 local government elected and appointed officials in addition to 75 exhibitors and a host of speakers, educators and dignitaries.

ALOM offers Retirement Solutions to member municipalities and is the plan sponsor of a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and a 401(a) Plan. Currently over 30 municipalities participate, including the City of Pittsburgh, and the plan assets total over a quarter of a billion dollars.

The Banner Community Program recognizes municipalities that distinguish themselves as model communities through a commitment to effective, efficient and accountable government principles through implementation of recognized best practices in providing services to their constituents. In 2024, the program was expanded to include municipal authorities, and a record 81 total Banner Communities were designated.

ALOM works with its respective associations to promote sound legislation at the state and federal level that enhances local government operations, limits unfunded mandates and supports regional priorities.

ALOM also produces a number of additional publications, resources and networking events for our constituents. These include but are not limited to notarial services, an online Member Marketplace and an Annual Compensation & Benefits Report as well as events such as a Benefits Advisory Seminar, an Annual Golf Outing and Bi-Annual Legislative Reception.

The Associations of ALOM

ALOM serves as a source of staff support and liaison for 3 partnering associations, working to coordinate efforts on their behalf in the public arena and assist in their general operations. These associations are based on municipal code and include: the Allegheny County & Western Pennsylvania Association of Township Commissioners (AC&WPATC) serving townships of the first class, the Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO) serving townships of the second class, and the Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA) serving boroughs.

The Board of Directors for ALOM is drawn from the municipalities, municipal authorities and municipal associations that were a part of the organization since its inception in 1974. According to the association by-laws, the Board of Directors is structured as follows:

  • 3 individuals representing Allegheny County
  • 3 individuals representing the City of Pittsburgh
  • 2 individuals representing the water and sewer authorities collectively
  • 1 individual representing each of the following: City of McKeesport, Penn Hills, and Mt. Lebanon
  • 3 individuals representing each of the 3 umbrella Associations of ALOM – AC&WPATC, ACATO & ACBA

ALOM Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM) is drawn from the municipalities, municipal authorities and municipal associations that were a part of the organization since its inception in 1974.

Officers of the Board of Directors:

  • Chair: Mr. Al Kaan
  • First Vice Chair: Mr. Anthony Taliani
  • Second Vice Chair: Mr. Herb Hartle
  • Third Vice Chair: Ms. Sara Innamorato
  • Treasurer: Mr. Jim Machajewski 


  • Skip Allen
  • Jeanne Clark 
  • Richard Dellapenna
  • Bob Doddato
  • Rob Falce
  • Sam Juliano
  • Victoria Laird-Pongrace
  • Brian Lucot
  • Todd Miller
  • Ron Panza
  • Catherine Sapp
  • Dennis Watson
  • Mike Witherel, Solicitor

ALOM Staff

Jason Davidek, Executive Director

Jason was hired as Executive Director of ALOM in August of 2015 and brings nearly 15 years of experience in municipal government as well as a graduate level education in Public Policy to the table. Elected in 2003 at the age of 24, he served 12 years as a supervisor in Fawn Township, was President of the Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO) and served on the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS).

Prior to coming to ALOM, Jason spent 8 years as a school administrator focusing on communications, transportation and board management.  He also has experience serving as a staffer in both the Pennsylvania and United States Legislative Branches.

Jason is a resident of Fawn Township where he lives with his wife and three children. He is a passionate outdoorsman and his hobbies include fishing and hunting with his family and close friends.

Joe Dudenhoeffer, Programs & Services Coordinator

Joe joined ALOM in June 2022 as the organization’s Program & Services Coordinator. He earned his BS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and his MPH with a concentration in Health Policy from The George Washington University. Prior to joining ALOM, Joe served as an AmeriCorps member in Pittsburgh and worked on projects on how to best conduct health services research at AcademyHealth, a DC-based nonprofit.

Joe lives in the city of Pittsburgh, where he enjoys cooking, reading, and going on walks.  

Katelyn Lamm, Legislative Consultant

Katelyn started at ALOM in December 2018 as the legislative consultant, in a position newly created for ALOM.  The goal of this position is to have legislators better engaged on ALOM’s policy platform and day-to-day operations, while giving ALOM members updates on important policy decisions coming from Harrisburg and Washington.  

Prior to joining ALOM, Katelyn spent a number of years in government and politics, working most recently for the U.S. Senate.  Katelyn is active in the non-profit sector as a volunteer and board member.  Katelyn is a graduate of Duquesne University.  Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, and walking the family dog.  Katelyn is a mother of three and lives in the Peters Township with her husband.  

Crystal headshot

Crystal Sickles, Director of Communications & Events

Crystal joined ALOM in September 2015 and has been working in the nonprofit sector for 15 years.  Crystal earned an MPA from the University of Pittsburgh and has spent a decade working in the areas of Community Development, Fundraising, and Communications. At ALOM, Crystal takes the lead on all events planning including ALOM’s Signature Events, as well as all communications initiatives and sponsor/vendor relations.

Crystal lives in Carnegie with her husband. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and gardening.


What exactly does ALOM do?

The Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM) is a nonprofit, membership-based association serving the interests of local government in Allegheny County and Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our mission is to foster local government in Allegheny County and Southwestern Pennsylvania by educating elected officials, delivering essential resources and advocating for sound policy and legislation.


ALOM has 3 affiliate associations that are part of the larger whole. These are based on municipal class and include the Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO) serving Second Class Townships, the Allegheny County & Southwestern PA Association of Township Commissioners (AC&WPATC) serving First Class Townships, and the Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA) serving Boroughs.


Membership in one of the associations equals membership in ALOM. Each association has their own boards of directors, their own events and their own business. A number of members from each of the associations also serve on the ALOM Board of Directors.

Who is ALOM's target audience?

ALOM’s target audience is local elected officials. We also target municipal staff, authorities and municipal service providers that deliver critical services to the constituents we serve.

Why be a Member with ALOM?

Local Governments & Authorities:

  • Membership in ALOM means membership in your local County Association – ALOM acts as a conduit between the Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO), the Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA) and the Allegheny County & Western PA Association of Township Commissioners (AC&WPATC)
  • Access to Retirement Solutions and Benefits Advisory Service – ALOM is the plan sponsor of 401(a) and 457 Deferred Compensation programs that are available to government entities to offer their employees. In addition, access to newsletters and critical information on relevant benefits information is provided. 
  • Educational Opportunities – ALOM offers educational opportunities throughout the year, including the Spring Educational Conference as well as  FREE local educational workshops
  • Banner Community Program – ALOM members have access to apply to be recognized as a Banner Community. These communities exemplify good government and receive special recognition and additional benefits throughout the year.
  • Special Publications, Resources and Legislative Advocacy – Members receive free access to publications, special communications and resources such as the Directory of Municipal Service Providers and Compensation and Benefits Survey. Additionally, member receive representation on legislative matters as well as access to ALOM resources for questions, concerns and a voice within the hierarchy of local government.

Businesses and other Non-Governmental Organizations:

  • Discounts on Advertising and Admission – Members are offered a standard discount on all advertising rates and event ticket fees (does not include Red, White, Blue and Star Sponsorship Levels).
  • Invitations to Events with an Exclusive Audience – Throughout the year there are nearly 10 events hosted by ALOM and its associations. Member businesses receive invitations to these events that are only offered to local elected officials and sponsors.
  • Special Recognition and Awards Programs – ALOM will be instituting special awards and recognition for member Vendors and Businesses who go above and beyond in their service to local governments in addition to “member profiles” done quarterly.
  • Access to Special Publications, Targeted Marketing Opportunities and Strategic Partnership – ALOM members are all listed in the Directory of Municipal Service Providers (does not include ad) and membership means a strategic partnership in your marketing efforts to a targeted audience, while networking with your desired audience of local decision makers.
How does ALOM membership work?

ALOM Membership runs on a calendar year and at this time we do not offer prorated membership dues. The cost of membership is based upon which classification of membership your organization or municipality would fall in. For specific question on membership costs or benefits, please contact our office.

What is the benefit of ALOM membership?

For municipalities, authorities and municipal stakeholders, ALOM provides a number of benefits to its members that include education and networking opportunities, free notarial services, budgeting resources, retirement solutions and much more. For municipal service providers, ALOM provides the ability to target audiences and create brand awareness through support opportunities.

When is the Spring Educational Conference?

ALOM’s Marquee event is held every April. The Spring Educational Conference brings together 400 local elected officials and nearly 1,000 people total for 3 days of education, networking and exhibits. Registration materials are distributed every January.  In 2024 the Spring Educational Conference will be held April 4-7.