Resources for Your Employees

As a participant in ALOM’s Retirement Solutions, we are here to provide you the tools and resources you need to engage your employees and help them make informed decisions about their retirement options.

Participant Brochure

Acting now could help you and your employees earn thousands of extra dollars for tomorrow. Consider the benefits participants can enjoy by taking advantage of the ALOM Deferred Compensation Plan:

  • A systematic way to save early. Even starting small, early savings can really grow over time
  • Potential tax savings now. Pre-tax contributions can lower your current federal tax bill
  • Or potential tax savings later. Roth after-tax contributions could pay off big down the road
  • Grow your savings. With the earning power of compounding your money has the potential to grow
  • Build your portfolio based on your comfort level

Click here to view a brochure for participants within your municipality.

Click here to view a detailed brochure about Prudential.

Participant Engagement Workshops

Hosted by expert Prudential retirement counselors, our unique Retirement Labs and Educational Workshops are
a proven way to inspire and motivate participants. They’re part of Prudential’s four-step, behavior-based approach, designed to engage, educate and empower participants at every stage of their retirement planning. With online and on-site options, we are sure we can help. Click here to read more about Prudential’s Retirement Counselor Workshops.

Relevant Reading

There is a wealth of information available about current trends in retirement savings, important FAQ’s and trends in the industry. Below you will find a number of articles that may be of use to you and your employees.