Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO)


ACATO Events

Annual ACATO Convention

Save the Date! The ACATO Convention will be held on Thursday, August 13 at Narcisi Winery! Stay tuned for details and registration information.


Recent Legislative Action

The Board of Directors of ACATO met and sponsored resolutions – indicating the wish of the collective, which are outlined below and were communicated to local legislators:

  1. Opposition to proposed expansion of land banks, as multiple municipal entities in Allegheny County have successfully formed a land bank under existing law.
  2. Opposition to legislation that would strip municipalities of their legal authority to regulate wireless facilities.
  3. Seeking legislation to clarify that lending institutions have a vested right in any property for which they hold a mortgage and therefore can be held responsible for the maintenance of the property.
  4. Opposition to legislation requiring municipalities to allow officers who previously were employed by other entities to “buy back” time.

Board of Directors

  • President Bob Doddato of North Fayette
  • First Vice President Shirley Hollibaugh of West Deer
  • Second Vice President Albert Kaan of Indiana
  • Secretary/Treasurer Jason Davidek of ALOM
  • Solicitor Charles M. Means, Esq.

Members of the Board:

  • Skip Allen of Richland Township
  • William J. Creevey of Frazer Township
  • Michael J. Dennehy of Pine Township
  • Thomas Gallant of Findlay pownship
  • Herb Hartle of Ohio Township
  • Al Quaye of Moon Township
  • Thomas Madigan of Marshall Township
  • Michael Peters of Hampton Township
  • Harry Lenhart of Harmar Township
  • Ed Snee of South Park Township
  • Jean-Sebastien Valois of Kilbuc