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The mission of ALOM is to foster local government in Allegheny County and Southwestern Pennsylvania by educating elected officials, delivering essential resources and advocating for sound policy and legislation.

ALOM is helping public servants make their communities better.

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Why be a member with ALOM?

Local Governments & Authorities:

Membership in ALOM means membership in your local County Association – ALOM acts as a conduit between the Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO), the Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA) and the Allegheny County & Western PA Association of Township Commissioners (AC&WPATC)

Access to Retirement Solutions and Benefits Advisory Service – ALOM is the plan sponsor of 401(a) and 457 Deferred Compensation programs that are available to government entities to offer their employees. In addition, access to newsletters and critical information on relevant benefits information is provided.

Educational Opportunities – ALOM offers educational opportunities throughout the year, including the Spring Educational Conference as well as 1-2 FREE local educational workshops

Banner Community Program – ALOM members have access to apply to be recognized as a Banner Community. These communities exemplify good government and receive special recognition and additional benefits throughout the year.

Special Publications, Resources and Legislative Advocacy – Members receive free access to publications, special communications and resources such as an Annual Vendor Directory and Compensation and Benefits Survey. Additionally, representation on legislative matters in addition to accessing ALOM resources for questions, concerns and a voice within the hierarchy of local government.

Businesses and other Non-Governmental Orgs:

Discounts on Advertising and Admission – Members are offered a standard discount on all advertising rates and event ticket fees (does not include Red, White, Blue and Star Sponsorship Levels).

Invitations to Events with an Exclusive Audience – Throughout the year there are nearly 10 events hosted by ALOM and its associations. Member businesses receive invitations to these events that are only offered to local elected officials and sponsors.

Special Recognition and Awards Programs – ALOM will be instituting special awards and recognition’s for member Vendors and Businesses who go above and beyond in their service to local governments in addition to “member profiles” done quarterly.

Access to Special Publications, Targeted Marketing Opportunities and Strategic Partnership – ALOM members are all listed in the Annual Vendor Directory (does not include ad) and membership means a strategic partnership in your marketing efforts to a targeted audience, while networking with your desired audience of local decision makers.

ALOM offers a variety of ways to participate as a member and a number of opportunities for local elected officials as well as businesses to take advantage of our educational resources, network and services! .

** Membership prices are based on the type, location and size of each organization or entity and run on a calendar year. For your specific member price please complete the form below. **

Membership Types:

Direct Members

Direct Member are made up of the agencies that founded ALOM. According to the association by-laws, these members are grandfathered in as founding members of ALOM and will comprise the Board of Directors.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Memberships are renewable ever year. These are governments outside of Allegheny County and quasi-government/nonprofit entities either within or outside of Allegheny County.

Associate Members

Associate Memberships are also renewable every year and make up businesses, firms or vendors with a stake in local municipal government.

Member Type Price Per Year
Affiliate $300-$800

Governments- based on population and location within or outside of Allegheny County

Nonprofits and Quasi-governmental Orgs – based on size and location within or outside of Allegheny County

Associate $400-$600

based on size and location of offices/business within or outside of Allegheny County

To inquire about ALOM Membership, or for more information please fill out this form and a staff person will contact you directly.