Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM) is drawn from the municipalities, municipal authorities and municipal associations that were a part of the organization since its inception in 1974.

Officers of the Board of Directors:

  • Chairman –   Amie Downs – Allegheny County
  • 1st Vice Chairman – Mr. Dave Buchewicz – ACATO
  • 2nd Vice Chairman – Mr. Tom McElhone – AC&WPATC
  • 3rd Vice Chairman – Mr. Grant Gittlen – City of Pittsburgh
  • Treasurer – Ms. Jeanne Clark, ALCOSAN
  • Solicitor -. Michael J. Witherel, Esq.

Members of the Board:

  • Skip Allen
  • John Bendel
  • Richard Dellapenna
  • Bob Doddato
  • Vicki Donnelly
  • Amie Downs, Esq.
  • Greg Erosenko
  • Rich Fitzgerald
  • Herb Hartle
  • Margaret Lanier


  • Ron Panza
  • Bill Peduto
  • Pete Poninsky
  • Bill Poston
  • Anthony Taliani
  • Gary Underwood
  • Dennis Watson
  • Dave Zarnick


According to the By Laws of ALOM, the Board of Directors is structured as follows:

  • 3 individuals representing Allegheny County
  • 3 individuals representing the City of Pittsburgh
  • 2 individuals representing the water and sewer authorities collectively
  • 1 individual representing each of the following: City of McKeesport, Penn Hills, and Mt. Lebanon
  • 3 individuals representing each of the 3 umbrella Associations of ALOM; The Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA), The Allegheny County Association of Township Officials (ACATO), and The Allegheny County & Western Pennsylvania Association of Township Commissioners (AC&WPATC)