Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA)


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 Annual Banquet February 3

In February 2018 the ACBA held  its marquee event on Saturday February 3rd at Rivers Casino. Many communities were represented and many county officials as well as state and federal legislators were present.

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General Membership Meeting December 7

The ACBA held its General Membership Meeting on December 7 at Edgewood Country Club. This event served as a regional gathering for all Allegheny County Boroughs.  Educational and legislative discussion was held for over 100 guests. This meeting also allowed members to demonstrate generosity and their commitment to communities by donating toys and monetary gifts.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh was the charity of choice for 2017 and nearly $600 plus dozens of toys and gift cards were donated to this worthy cause by members of the ACBA.

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Numerous Allegheny County Elected Official Receive Awards from PSAB

Many Allegheny County Elected Officials and Boroughs were honored by awards from the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs in the summer of 2016. Click here to read more and to see the honorees.

Act 89

Recently the ACBA took a stance on Act 89  which allows PennDot to eliminate vehicle registration stickers on cars beginning in 2017. Click here to read more about the ACBA’s stance and what they’ve done to reach out to Harrisburg.



 ACBA Board of Directors

  • President Pete Poninsky of Leetsdale
  • 1st Vice President Greg Erosenko of Monroeville
  • 2nd Vice President Ron Panza of Green Tree
  • 3rd Vice President Vicki Donnelly of Avalon
  • Treasurer Dave Becki of Etna
  • Executive Secretary Jason Davidek of ALOM
  • Solicitor Megan Turnbull

District I Directors:

  • Dave Becki
  • Erika Josefoski
  • Jim Machajewski
  • Anya Pikul
  • William Rossey

District II Directors:

  • Nick Bianchi
  • Frank Cortazzo
  • William “Lucky” Price, III
  • Dennis Simon
  • John Vahoskey
  • Jack Wilson

District III Directors:

  • Linda Book
  • Janice Cmar
  • Rob Falce
  • James P. Hannan
  • Nancy Kovach
  • John Maggio
  • Craig Myers