ACBA Takes Stance on Act 89 - ALOM

Passed in 2013, Act 89, among other things, allows PennDOT’s to eliminate registration stickers from vehicular license plates beginning in 2017. At a recent meeting of the Allegheny County Boroughs Association (ACBA), members of the Board of Directors expressed concerns brought forth by municipal police department personnel regarding elimination of registration stickers.There is a concern that the proposed changes outlined in Act 89 may have a detrimental impact to community policing efforts.  In addition, members are concerned that a financial burden may be created for municipalities interested in acquiring the technological devices necessary to allow officers to obtain registration information electronically (without stickers).

Therefore, while the Allegheny County Boroughs Association supports enhancements in technology and cost savings measures at the state level, the ACBA is supportive of House Bill 1154 or similar legislation that would rescind or delay the registration sticker elimination component from Act 89.

In the event that ACT 89 takes effect as planned in January, the ACBA strongly supports the creation of a dedicated funding stream that would assist municipalities in obtaining the appropriate technologies to provide local police departments with the capabilities to scan license information electronically.